Windsor Heart & Specialist Centre

Nestled in the suburbs of Windsor Gardens, we are an energetic and innovative group of like-minded physicians committed and united in our ethos in providing high quality patient centred care to South Australians.

Philosophy – Founded by a group of established cardiologists, we strongly believe all patients deserve exceptional and integrated care. We pride ourselves on being approachable and inclusive, values you will witness throughout your patient journey with us. 

At Windsor Heart & Specialist Centre we achieve this by working in close partnership with patients and their health providers and family members. We understand the importance of empathic listening and effective communication. Our discretion results in coordinated healthcare that is seamless, timely and individualised. 

Our specialists are supported by a cohesive team of dedicated administrative, technical and nursing staff. We are invested in ensuring your encounter here meets your healthcare needs in a holistic manner. 

Our specialist cardiologists are at the forefront of medicine and practise cutting edge treatment of cardiac issues. We offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic cardiac procedures. Most of these tests occur on site and are performed by our elite and experienced team. Our cardiologists can access both public and private hospitals in which more complex procedures can be safely carried out.

We have also partnered with CLM Sleep to offer high quality and efficient diagnostic home-based sleep studies with prompt access to evidence based treatment options.

With you in mind and at the centre of all we do, there is no better place to access quality cardiac services. 

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